December 6, 2016

Future of Learning – Talking to the Machines.

Communicating comes naturally to most of us.   Communication is fundamental to the development of human society. We learn and practice the complexities of language from the day we are born. In a world where the importance of written and spoken communication is paramount, learning multiple languages is common in most modern school systems. In

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February 24, 2016

The Future of Learning – Your guide to getting to grips with Virtual Reality in the classroom.

When you hear the words virtual reality, you might think of Sci Fi movies or computer gaming, but have you considered the impact this technology could have on learning? Virtual reality(VR) replicates a physical environment, whether it be a real or imagined world, and allows the user to interact in that world by creating a sensory

January 16, 2016

The Future of Learning – What will learning look like in 2025?

Technology is changing the way we teach and learn and will continue to do so at a great pace. Here’s a few ideas that Karl put together for you to ponder. We’d love to hear what you think. Share your ideas in the comments section and let’s get the discussion going!    

January 16, 2016

The Future of Learning – Introduction

        It’s an exciting time to be a life-long learner. Technology has changed the game forever and it’s hard to imagine where it’s going to take us. When I started my own schooling in the 80’s we didn’t have computer access, the internet was unimaginable, girls studied Home Economics & Sewing and

January 6, 2016

Want to learn how to build a website?

Never built a website but would like to? Epic recommends It’s a great resource that teaches you the basics of WordPress using a custom theme. How do we know it works? We used it to build this website of course! I’ve never built a website before this. In fact I didn’t really know where to