Tag: Lifelong Learning

January 6, 2016 Natasha Gunn

Never built a website but would like to? Epic recommends Tyler.com. It’s a great resource that teaches you the basics of WordPress using a custom theme.¬†How do we know it works? We used it to build this website of course!

I’ve never built a website before this. In fact I didn’t really know where to start. When we started the Epic Learning adventure it seemed logical to get one of our more tech savvy members to develop and maintain our website as a central point for sharing great learning stories. But that’s not what Epic is about! We believe anyone can learn to do anything they want. They just need the resources and guidance to help them. So instead of taking the easy way out I chose building a website as my first Epic Learning adventure.

The first thing I did was hit up Google for some advice. It’s amazing what free resources you can find on the internet these days. You can pretty much teach yourself anything. I looked at heaps of pages promising to teach me how to build a website. Some promised I could make a site in under 30 minutes, others encouraged me to sign up for a series of tutorials. I chose the Tyler.com tutorial for a few reasons;

  • Tyler promised to walk me through every step leaving no step out. As a beginner that’s what I needed.
  • I could see the website we would be building together and I really loved the look of it.
  • Tyler’s instructions were clear, concise, in everyday language I could understand and delivered at a pace I could follow comfortably.
  • His advice made sense – don’t pay for custom advice. Instead look at some of the greatest, most successful websites online (like Apple.com) and take inspiration from them.

Learning new things isn’t easy. There were a few moments where I wanted to fling my laptop across the room in frustration. I have to admit, it was typically due to WordPress doing what I was telling it to do rather than what I wanted it to do. Each time I got stuck, I’d just walk away for a moment then come back and revisit the instructional video. It wouldn’t take long before I’d realise what step I’d missed or where I’d gone wrong. Sure enough after some hours work, the Epic website was born!

So what have I got out of the experience? The website is the least of it. Sure – it needs some tweaks, there’s some stuff that could look better, but for a first attempt, starting from limited knowledge, I’m pretty proud of my achievement. And that’s what learning new things does. It helps you grow. Not just skills but confidence and self belief. Henry Ford is quoted as saying “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young”. I couldn’t agree more. Learning is discovery. When we stop discovering we grow old fast. So what will your next Epic Learning adventure be?